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National Licence Renewals is a product within the Elixi brand aimed at relieving you of the inconvenience of renewing your vehicle licence. Standing in queues, processing paperwork, keeping track of expiry dates – we do it all for you and deliver your licence disc straight to your door.

The Problem

You’re shuffling in the queue at the Post Office, sweat running down your back while the person behind you stands uncomfortably close. Your lunch break is nearly over and so is the 21-day grace period to renew your motor vehicle licence.

The Solution

We’d like to help. National Licence Renewals is an online vehicle license renewal platform. Life is chaotic enough without having to figure out when your vehicle licence is due for renewal, what paperwork is needed and how much you have to pay.

We queue so you don’t have to

Collect your renewed licence on your behalf

We courier your renewed licence straight to you

Notify you when your licence is up for renewal again

Pricing Options

R169.00 All at renewal
R129.00 Upfront at renewal
R139.00 Monthly

R169.00 EFT