Some Questions

1.What is National Licence Renewals?

National Licence Renewals is motor vehicle licence renewal service. We handle everything and even deliver your licence disc to you!

2.What FICA documents do I need?

Proof of identity – a copy of your green barcoded South African identity document or the new smart identity card.

Proof of address – a utility bill, bank statement, municipal letter or store account statement (not older than three months).

3.What document formats are accepted?

Accepted file types include .PDF .PNG .JPEG .TIFF and .BMP.

4.How long is the grace period if my licence has expired?

You get a 21-day grace period, which is calculated from the expiry date of your current licence disc.

5.Why is the cost of the licence different for everyone?

Licence fees vary from province to province, and are based on the weight of the vehicle.

6.What happens when I sell my vehicle before the renewal date?

Should you remain a member of National Licence Renewals i.e. your profile is active and your bank details are current, then all accumulated value will remain in your profile. These funds will either be used to subsidise the cost of the remaining vehicles or fund your new vehicle when it’s added.

7.May I have multiple profiles and vehicles funded by a single bank account?

Yes, you may! You can connect your spouse and children and their vehicle profiles to one bank account to make a monthly saving.

8.What will this cost?

We charge a renewal service fee per vehicle. The actual licence renewal cost will vary by province and the weight of the vehicle.

9.How will the licence disc be delivered?

If we have all the required documents and information, National License Renewals will courier your disc prior to the vehicle renewal date and/or grace period.

10.What is the procedure should the above requirements be absent?

We will make every effort to contact you (as the main member) and resolve any issues that are delaying the renewal. National Licence Renewals is indemnified against any liability should these requirements not be forthcoming and a penalty is levied by RTMC.

11.What if my vehicle licence expires in 4 months’ time?

We create a profile for you. We’ll calculate the cost of the renewal and inform you of the amount due on a monthly basis to ensure that sufficient funds are accumulated by the month prior to the renewal. Once the vehicle has been renewed, then the debit order is adjusted to ensure sufficient funds for the following year’s renewal.

12.What if my vehicle licence has already expired?

You will still need to register a profile. National Licence Renewals will investigate and let you know the amount that’s due as well as the relevant bank account for the funds to be deposited into. Once the vehicle has been renewed, then a monthly debit to accumulate the following year’s renewal will be deducted from the relevant banking profile.