The Solution

We’d like to help

We’d like to help. National Licence Renewals is an online vehicle licence renewal platform for busy South Africans. Life is chaotic enough without having to figure out when your vehicle licence is due for renewal, what paperwork is needed and how much you have to pay… We’re here to help.

One less chore

Now, from the comfort of anywhere you like, your licence renewal is just a few clicks from complete. There’s no need to wait on the renewal notification (which sometimes doesn’t arrive) or queue in long lines. This is just one less chore you have to worry about; one less ‘to do’ to take care of.

Rely on us

You can rely on us to make your life just that little bit easier. We’ll keep track of when your licence is due for renewal, and ensure it’s renewed on time. Our simple online process eliminates all the frustration of a normal renewal, and you don’t even need to collect your license disc as National Licence Renewals will courier your disc to your specified delivery address.


You have a choice to pay either via a monthly debit order or an annual discounted once-off debit payment. Should you choose the annual discounted once-off debit route then we will send you a reminder 45 days prior to your renewal. There are no upfront fees with the annual discounted once-off debit option, as we only charge our service fee at the time of renewing your licence. The fees we charge are for the actual issuing and delivery of your disc and not for the reminder. Monthly debit orders remain the most convenient payment method, as all you need to do is set up a debit order and then sit back and relax knowing your licence is taken care of.